Friday, July 12, 2013

Provident Living --- Piggy Style!

Special thanks to all the sisters who attended our activity last night! 

We had a blast learning some practical tips...

 We heard from experts on all of the little piggies...

The piggy that went to the market, and the one that stayed home.

The one that had roast beef, and the one that had none.

And a special surprise for the piggy that went "we, we, we" all the way home!

Andrea  talked about smart shopping and "knowing yourself" while Melissa shared some fun no-cost family and dating activities. 

We had some new sisters come! 

And a lovely French dessert

Cream puffs which tempted those who went to the diet and fitness class by Amanda Price! 

Lots of fun.

And smiles

And visiting!

And pretty things from the home decor class taught by Leah and Juli. 

Thanks for a great night, sisters! 

Theme of Activity: 5 Little Piggies

Purpose of Activity: Practical suggestions in 4 areas of provident living

Different Piggies:
Went to the Market--discussion about smart ways to shop or spend money
Stayed Home--home decor on a budget, joy in motherhood
Had Roast beef--how to stay fit, eat healthy, and exercise beefy muscles!
Had None--no cost dating and family activity ideas
(We, we, we-- French dessert)
Outline of Activity:
7:05 welcome sisters
7:10 opening exercises 
7:15 dismiss for classes (sisters can choose 2 classes to attend)
7:15-7:40 class one (25 mins)
7:40-7:45 transition 
7:45-8:10 class two (25mins)
8:15 dismiss sisters for dessert 
8:15-8:30 visiting 
8:30 closing prayer all together

Where will I be presenting?
You will probably have a group of about 10 sisters and we are having you talk to the sisters in the primary classrooms towards the end of the hall by the RS room. You will have chairs set up and a table where you can set up a display if you'd like. There is a chalkboard as well.

What we'd like you to Prepare:
We'd love for you prepare thoughts about smart shopping. This can include budgeting your expenses, how to find deals at the grocery store, where to find coupons, how to organize your shopping to be most effective, places to find good deals around town, etc. Anything that deals with money, the market, or shopping in general would fit into this topic. We'd like practical suggestions. Whatever you enjoy talking about most, go with that.
Please stick to the time frame!! You will get to teach your class twice, to two different groups. 25 minutes each time. Sisters will get to choose which class they'd like to attend.

We'd like to have a handout for every sister. I will send you a word document that has a PIGGY-themed header. You can type on this paper and add any info you want them to walk away with. Sisters who didn't attend your class can also have this as a reference sheet so they don't feel like they totally missed out. I'll send you this template asap, and then you can print out ONE and I can make the copies (60 copies BW) or you can do them on your own if you're working last minute. Sometimes the library is not too reliable, paper, ink, etc, so keep that in mind.

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  1. This is so fun! Just curious what is in the cute piggie bucket?