Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 RS Meeting Summary

2011 RS Meeting Summary
I can turn lemons into lemonade from the inside out when I . . .

March—RS Birthday
·         “Celebrate RS, Celebrate You!”
·         Decorated cupcakes
·         Video presentation and clips about what sisters had done to serve each other

. . . learn to be truly happy in my life, even as the world is teaching me that happiness is elusive.
·         Did the “Attribute Activity”
·         Brought something that made them “happy”

 May—Marriage Love Languages
 . . . help build a happy forever relationship with my husband, even though he's a man.
·         Quick overview of the Love Languages
·         Sisters rotated through 5 booths and learned about the love language. Also had something to take away and apply from each station

 June—Stake RS Meeting
·         Scratched this month’s activity to support Stake Meeting

 July—Parenting Family Feud
. . . nurture my children and love my calling as mother in a gospel centered home, even though it's the hardest work I've ever done.
·         Had sisters take a survey about common parenting problems, concerns, etc.
·         Took survey results to create a Family Feud game
·         Also had a panel of sisters in different stages of life to answer parenting questions

August—RS Health Fair 
. . . focus my family on healthy spiritual and temporal choices in spite of the obstacles and distractions the world provides.
·         Had sisters present on topics that they were “experts” in. Each had 2-5 minutes to present and set up a booth
·         Topics included: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping Strategies/Healthy snacks, Family Activities, Exercise, Couponing, Gardening in Texas

September—Service Auction
. . . build loving friendships with my sisters in Relief Society, even though we are very different women.
·         Each sister filled out a certificate to auction off
·         Extra copies were there that night
·         Sisters filled out a “points” form, so they had points to use during the auction

 October—Casserole Swap and Cookie Decorating
 . . . reach out and serve in my community with the time and resources I am blessed with.
·         Sisters signed up ahead of time if they were interested in swapping casseroles. Those who chose not to, decorated Halloween cookies to give to others
·         Sisters in the swap prepared ingredients for 5 casseroles, and that night went from table to table making new casseroles to take home

 November—Culture Night
 . . . make an effort to seek out knowledge of people and cultures other than my own and broaden my appreciation for all of God's children.
·         Sisters met at the church and rotated through 5 rooms to hear about the church in different parts of the world
·         Food was from all over the world, and sisters snacked as they listened to each presentation

 December—Circle of Love
 . . . celebrate the birth and life of my Savior in a meaningful way during the craziest month of the year.
·         Sisters rotated through houses in Windmill farms to enjoy a snack and a Christmas message

**Note that most of these activities are posted on our blog. Each month has an invitation posting, and a recap posting. Just search for a date or keyword of the activity you want and it should pop up! Sorry they aren't hyperlinked to make your life easier. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

December RS Meeting

Hi Sisters,

Can't wait to see you for our RS Christmas Circle of Love this Tuesday at 7:00.

We will meet in the parking lot at Lakewood Elementary on Lakewood Dr. The school is on Adams Ave. less than a mile up the road from Windmill Farms on the right. We'll form up groups there and travel to different sisters home who live at Windmill Farms.

At each home we'll chat, have a Christmas treat and hear a Christmas message. We will all visit four homes that evening. I think it will help us grow closer together, feel the spirit and gain some much needed weight!

Please join us if you can. r!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Ward Christmas Party

The entertainment was WONDERFUL!!

The company was GREAT!

A good time was had by ALL!!

... Okay, ALMOST all!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Relief Society Spotlight: Angela Edwards

I am originally from Austin Texas. I am a Texas girl through and through. I like big hair, flashy jewelry, football, and good bar-b-que! I met my husband at a youth swimming pool party when I was seventeen. We have been attached at the hip since. We have been married eighteen years and we have two boys. Quinton is sixteen and Haedyn is five. My husband Robert is in the military and is a year away from retirement. We moved from Germany to Temple so that we could retire closer to family. We have lived overseas thirteen years out of his twenty year career. It has been a blast traveling places that I read about in history books as a child. I love to cook and own over 200 cook books that friends and family have picked up for me over the years. Right now I am busy being a Mom. Recently I took on a job at my son Haedyn's school as a lunch monitor so that I could be near him and earn a little pocket change. My motto is "family,food,fun and faith" The four things I emphasize in my life. My family and I have been warmly welcomed by you all and I look so forward to getting to know you all better. Please come by and say hello anytime!

We're so happy to have Angela and her family in our ward... Welcome Edwards family!!