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2011 RS Meeting Summary

2011 RS Meeting Summary
I can turn lemons into lemonade from the inside out when I . . .

March—RS Birthday
·         “Celebrate RS, Celebrate You!”
·         Decorated cupcakes
·         Video presentation and clips about what sisters had done to serve each other

. . . learn to be truly happy in my life, even as the world is teaching me that happiness is elusive.
·         Did the “Attribute Activity”
·         Brought something that made them “happy”

 May—Marriage Love Languages
 . . . help build a happy forever relationship with my husband, even though he's a man.
·         Quick overview of the Love Languages
·         Sisters rotated through 5 booths and learned about the love language. Also had something to take away and apply from each station

 June—Stake RS Meeting
·         Scratched this month’s activity to support Stake Meeting

 July—Parenting Family Feud
. . . nurture my children and love my calling as mother in a gospel centered home, even though it's the hardest work I've ever done.
·         Had sisters take a survey about common parenting problems, concerns, etc.
·         Took survey results to create a Family Feud game
·         Also had a panel of sisters in different stages of life to answer parenting questions

August—RS Health Fair 
. . . focus my family on healthy spiritual and temporal choices in spite of the obstacles and distractions the world provides.
·         Had sisters present on topics that they were “experts” in. Each had 2-5 minutes to present and set up a booth
·         Topics included: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping Strategies/Healthy snacks, Family Activities, Exercise, Couponing, Gardening in Texas

September—Service Auction
. . . build loving friendships with my sisters in Relief Society, even though we are very different women.
·         Each sister filled out a certificate to auction off
·         Extra copies were there that night
·         Sisters filled out a “points” form, so they had points to use during the auction

 October—Casserole Swap and Cookie Decorating
 . . . reach out and serve in my community with the time and resources I am blessed with.
·         Sisters signed up ahead of time if they were interested in swapping casseroles. Those who chose not to, decorated Halloween cookies to give to others
·         Sisters in the swap prepared ingredients for 5 casseroles, and that night went from table to table making new casseroles to take home

 November—Culture Night
 . . . make an effort to seek out knowledge of people and cultures other than my own and broaden my appreciation for all of God's children.
·         Sisters met at the church and rotated through 5 rooms to hear about the church in different parts of the world
·         Food was from all over the world, and sisters snacked as they listened to each presentation

 December—Circle of Love
 . . . celebrate the birth and life of my Savior in a meaningful way during the craziest month of the year.
·         Sisters rotated through houses in Windmill farms to enjoy a snack and a Christmas message

**Note that most of these activities are posted on our blog. Each month has an invitation posting, and a recap posting. Just search for a date or keyword of the activity you want and it should pop up! Sorry they aren't hyperlinked to make your life easier. 

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