Sunday, April 13, 2014

April RS Meeting Recap--MTC

We had a great time at our April Relief Society meeting.

It was so nice to get together, and the Spirit was strong.

We had more than 20 sisters come to participate, and I know they all left with a better resolve to share the gospel.

The theme of the night was MTC, learning how to better Meet, Teach and Cultivate relationships.

Carrie welcomed us all and shared some personal experiences.

It was extra special, because she's a convert to the church around age 18. Her testimony of missionary work radiated. 

We watched the following video to set the tone of the evening.

It emphasized the LOVE that is the main part of sharing the gospel.

We broke up into mini classes and rotated through the M, T, and C parts of the evening.

Melissa had great ideas about how to Meet new friends. 

She talked about getting to know your neighbors, kid's friends, and everyone else. A lot of people shared ways of getting to know others, and it was nice to brain storm together.

Most of all, we realized that when we LOVE people and when we PRAY for opportunities, they can come.

The next class was TEACH.

Our ward mission leader came to talk to us, and he delivered a powerful message.

I loved how Brother Fuller said the Spirit is the teacher, and that is the key.

No matter what we do, we need to invite the Spirit to be there to testify and to touch our hearts.

He shared examples not only with friends, but how to have the Spirit in our homes so we can better teach our families.

The last class was how to CULTIVATE our relationships, ourselves, and others. 

Hiedi developed a great acronym for cultivating, seen below:

She talked about being a "greenie" on a mission, or feeling new, and how "Green things can GROW!"

It's part of our job to grow and develop and to help others along their way as well.

Babies come small, and grow!

It was a wonderful class!

Throughout the evening, there were missionary plaques displayed for those serving from our ward.

There were paper ties where the sisters could write encouraging notes to the missionaries. 
It was great to support them in some small way! 

Tie display with brownies!! 

Thanks for coming sisters! See you next  month!