Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 2014 General Women's Meeting

We hope you were able to join us for the General Women's Meeting.

This year, the invitation to attend was for all women ages 8 and older, for the first time ever.

 Here is the special invitation video:

The broadcast was special. There was a sweet spirit seeing the young girls, youth, and young and old women all gathered together.

The Primary President, YW President, and Relief Society President all spoke, as well as President Henry B. Eyring.

They focused on our theme once again, about making and keeping covenants.

They stressed the importance of being unified across generations, as we all have something to contribute.

They mentioned how vital it is to stay on the path to eternal life, lifting and helping others along the way.

It was beautiful and they also showed some video presentations throughout the meeting.

One that was particularly touching was this one titled, "Walk in His Light"


If you'd like to watch the entire April 2014 General Women's Meeting Broadcast

You can watch it here:

Next weekend is General Conference, and we invite you to watch it with us.

Here is the invitation video:

What a glorious thing to be a part of!! :-)

There are many ways to participate, including broadcasting in the chapel.

You can watch Conference by clicking on the links below:

General Conference Website
Video in 19 languages
LDS General Conference YouTube Channel
Video in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Video and audio in English only
BYUtv International 
Video and audio in Spanish and Portuguese
Mormon Channel Website
Video and audio in English and Spanish
Mormon Channel Mobile Apps
Video and audio in English and Spanish
Mormon Channel on Roku
Video in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and ASL.
Video in English only

April Relief Society Meeting--Mission POSSIBLE! Making Your Home an MTC.

Join us for our April RS meeting, Mission Possible! 

We'll learn how to make our home an MTC.

M= Meet
T= Teach
C= Cultivate 

See you April 10th! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March RS Meeting Recap--You Take the Cake!

In March we talked about the formula of make, bake, celebrate visiting teaching and sisterhood.

Here's an outline of the activity:

INTRO:  cupcakes are all the craze right now, but a cupcake is not just a cupcake.

The outcome of a moist, and tasty cupcake with just the right sweetness, is dependent on its preparation.  The same is true of visiting teaching.  It's not hard to do, you just need to think about what you are doing and the relationship you are trying to build.   

As you know, our ward RS focus this year, is to demonstrate our love for the Savior by joyfully keeping our covenants.  Visiting Teaching, is the very essence of showing our love for the Savior and covenant keeping.  


Some of us have a formal visiting teaching assignment, some of us may not, but either way, we have each covenanted to keep the commandments and to bear  one another's burdens and watch over one another. 

GROUP ACTIVITY:  Divided into groups by table.  Find 10 things you have in common   (no body parts of clothing items)

·         How did that go?  Easy, hard?  You can pretty much find things in common with anybody.

  • When you bake cupcakes you need to gather the ingredients and know how they go together

o   What is important to this sister?  What are her hopes, fears, sensitivities, talents, supports, concerns...
  • There are countless recipes for cupcakes.  Each sister is unique.  Figure out the ingredients you need to form a relationship with this individual sister and begin to build trust and foster spirituality.
  • Key ingredients:  prayer, guidance of the HG (your self-preparation), learn what she likes, listen, remember her birthday


Our Primary President did this part and even wore a cute cupcake apron! She told some fun stories and it was nice to hear from her. 
  • Her part was focused on watching over your sisters, just as you'd watch over a cupcake baking in the oven
  •  Add your own personalized touch of loving and enjoying her based on what you have learned about who she is and what she needs!

Then we emphasized that we are simply counting the caring!

Sister Mary Ellen Smoot, a former Relief Society General President, gave this counsel:
“My desire is to plead with our sisters to stop worrying about a phone call or a quarterly or monthly visit, and whether that will do, and concentrate instead on nurturing tender souls”   Mary Ellen Smoot (Daughters in My Kingdom,, p 117)

Our Visiting Teaching Coordinator took a minute to explain what we enter into the system for visiting teaching.  All we enter is if they had contact with a sister--doesn't matter what kind.

And that is our goal.  We are not worried about counting the mechanics of a visit and whether or not a message was delivered.  We do care about the caring and relationship building.  What we want to count is the caring!  Let us know how you are watching over and nurturing your sisters and what needs you learn of as you do this.

There's one more step left in our cupcakes!  We have to celebrate! (with real cupcakes you celebrate by eating them, but we're not gonna eat our sisters)

Step 3:  CELEBRATE (The SPRINKLES on top/unexpected surprises and blessings of our visiting teaching relationships)
  • I love to see sprinkles on top of a cupcake  They just make me smile because they look happy.
  • Whether as the teacher or the teachee in our Visiting Teaching relationships, we have experienced unexpected blessings or surprises.  Positive outcomes that have occurred.  Friendship and connections that have come from sharing sorrows and joys together.
  • Take a minute to recall one of those times and how has it blessed your life.
  • A few sisters bear testimony or share experiences, we asked one sister to start us off, and she did great.

MUSICAL NUMBER:  Sisters, Rejoice!    

We ended with a beautiful song by Jenny Phillips. Some sisters prepared and practiced together. It was great! 


At the end we gave everyone an empty pink cupcake box, the goal being they had to figure out how to build what goes in it for each of their sisters.

They also got to use the boxes to take cupcakes home to keep or give away!

Click here for our invite. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March RS Meeting--You Take the Cake!

We hope you'll join us for a great night.

We're going to focus on "Building a Cupcake" and how it is a perfect analogy for connecting with our sisters. 

Come and eat some amazing cupcakes and be uplifted!

"You Take the Cake!" 

A sneak peek....

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