Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February RS Meeting--All About LOVE

Hope you can make it!!! 

We are going to have rotating workshops to cover the different types of LOVE!

  • Family Love
  • Hubby Love
  • Neighbor Love
  • Divine Love
  • and of course, Sweet Love! 
For more info and a blank invite, visit Flibbertigibbetygirl

She explains:

*Hubby Love! I am so excited for this particular type of Love. I am actually the one teaching the class. We will be discussing 5 scientifically proven ways to strengthen your relationship with your spouse. I can’t even tell you the amount of research I have done to prepare for this class! This coming Tuesday, I will post those 5 ways along with links to the studies that back them up :). Be excited! Be very excited!

*Family Love! We will be making RAK plaques. Catchy, right?! RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. These are flat blocks of wood, about 4 inches by 4 inches across. They are painted white with modge podged scrapbook hearts on the top, and the directions for their use on the back.
Basically the block will travel secretly around your family, when you do a secret act of kindness for someone in your family; you leave the plaque where you did the deed. (For example- one could make brother's bed one morning and then leave the RAK plaque on his pillow.). Now it is the person who received the plaque’s turn to do a RAK. (Ex: Now brother could go put away sister's laundry and leave the RAK plaque in the bottom of her laundry basket).
Fun right?! Did that all make sense?

*Neighbor Love! Okay so in this workshop their will be lots of fun valentine scrapbook paper available, and the women will be writing a little note of love or thanks (creating a homemade valentine) for another woman in the group. All Valentine’s will then be placed in an RS mailbox to be delivered (by my committee, myself, and the RS Presidency) later in the evening and throughout the rest of the week.

*Divine Love! My local dollar store has miniature Jenga games for sale. We will have multiple round tables set up with a Jenga game in the middle of each table. Sisters will play the game in groups. Played as normal Jenga would be played, except with a slight twist—
Each Jenga Block will have either “Neighbor”, “Hubby”, or “Family”, written on it. Once you safely remove your block, tell the table group one way you can show God you love him in that category.
For Examples:
“Hubby”— By visiting the Temple together as a couple often.
“Neighbor”— By doing my Visiting Teaching, or by praying for my VT sisters.
“Family”— By holding regular FHE. By teaching my children about Christ and his love for us.

*Sweet Love! We’ll be serving these little beauties (recipe will be available on this blog by Wednesday)—

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Stake Goals

Waco Texas Stake Goals for 2014

1. Improve spiritual strength of each member

Select one or two of the following suggestions to work on each month; if you feel so inspired, utilize other Gospel principles to strengthen you spiritually.

a. Daily, kneeling prayer; before beginning, ponder a few minutes on your blessings and needs. At least once a week, offer a prayer of gratitude; don’t ask for anything, just give thanks.

b. As you read the scriptures daily, ask yourself, “How do these verses relate to my life TODAY?”

c. Select 10 favorite scripture passages to memorize; pray for opportunities to share these verses with a friend or neighbor.

d. When you fast, have a specific purpose, prayerfully selected. Ponder on that purpose often throughout the fast.

e. Study the conference talks from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. Look for the Prophetic Priorities that can be applied in your life.

f. Read the Priesthood/Relief Society lessons before Sunday.

g. Hold a personal evaluation of your media involvement. Consider eliminating, or at least minimizing, media that is distracting to the Spirit or that takes too much time away from the family.

2Continued involvement in Family History Work

a. All members of the family age 12 years and older register at

b. Complete at least four generations of family history (you, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents). Has all the temple work been completed for those four                    generations?

c. Each family have a copy of Member’s Guide to Temple and  Family History Work. Use for individual or family study,  including Family Home Evening lessons.  Pray for                            opportunities to share what you have learned about Family History work with friends and neighbors. Invite them to be involved in Family History work also.
3. Meaningful community service
Look for an opportunity to be involved in at least one community service project during the year. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

RS Meeting Recap--January Provident Living

We had such a great time at our provident living meeting tonight!

More than 20 people showed up and were not disappointed.

We all walked away with new goals, helpful tips, and lots of papers!!

Special thanks to our Provident Living Specialist, Kristen for making it happen!

We rotated through three mini classes, and topics covered short-term storage, long-term storage/canning, and water storage.

Inkey shared her powerful testimony about preparedness. 

It was interesting that only 6% of members have a year supply!! We had to do better than that!

Melissa gave an amazing demonstration about canning and mylar bags. She made it look SO easy and explained what we need. All of our resources are at our fingertips. Sealer is in the library, canning machine free to rent, and bags and cans through our distribution center!

I know everyone was impressed with her wealth of knowledge.

Anxious ears!
Last class taught by Kristen was on water storage...perhaps the most important!

You can go 2 weeks without food, but only 3 days without  water!!

She taught about containers, storage, and how to purify in an emergency.

Can't forget about all the yummy food!!

Can you believe that most of it was prepared with food storage items?

They even shared the recipes for all to use in the future.


And an impromptu pancake making demonstration!

Simply amazing!

Thanks to all!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Provident Living Activity

Can't wait to learn a little more about provident living through our three mini classes:

  • Water storage
  • Short-term storage
  • Long-term storage, mylar bags, #10 cans
Bring a jug to start off your water storage, and get ready to try REAL foods made with food storage items! 

We'll see you there!

New Theme for January!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Relief Society Theme & Meetings

“I invite each of us to evaluate how much we love the Savior,
using as a measure how joyfully we keep our covenants.”
--Sister Linda K. Burton

We are demonstrating our love for the Savior when we ...

...manage the resources and blessings we have been given with discipline and gratitude. JAN. (Provident Living)

…strengthen important relationships and love and serve our husbands and families with our full  hearts. FEB.

...celebrate the gift that is Relief Society! MARCH (Visiting Teaching focus)

...fearlessly proclaim the gospel in our homes and to our neighbors APRIL

… Stake Womens Conference MAY

…commit to regularly feast upon the words of Christ, holding fast to the iron rod. JUNE

…learn to love ourselves and value the women we are striving to become. JULY a way to promote our own good physical health. AUG (Provident Living)

...we explore ways to become emotionally whole and better able to love ourselves and feel blessed in our lives. SEPT.

…Craft it up! OCT.

...reach out and serve in our communities. NOV.

...rejoice and celebrate together the birth of our savior. DEC