Sunday, January 6, 2013

January RS Meeting

Many of you have expressed interest in this activity. It was held about about 4 years ago, and we are no longer consistently monitoring this blog. I was finally able to track down the original documents and have included them as images here for reference. I apologize if this does not meet your needs. Thanks for your patience. 

2013 Relief Society Theme

We are excited to announce our new RS theme for the year 2013.

Let's be wise and build upon a strong foundation together!

New Baby!


Let's welcome Bradley Feleti Aiono into the world and into our ward. This new son of Kate and Dallin Aiono was born on December 31st. He was 7 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches long and he is no doubt as beautiful as his parents. Kate, Dallin and Bradley are all doing well.
Welcome, Bradley! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

2012 RS Meeting Summary

Thanks to all those who came out and supported our additional Relief Society Meetings.

Here is an overview of all the fun we had!

2012 RS Meeting Summary

As sisters we are of one heart and one soul as we . . .
FebruaryIntroduce Theme: One Heart One Soul
Traveling heart basket
Huge puzzle piece heart, put up as a sister described what she puts her heart into 
MarchLegacy of Sisterhood RS Birthday
. . . Rejoice in the blessing that is Relief Society
Pasta dinner at color coded tables for sisters
Conversation-starter questions at each table
Musical number/Message on the importance of VT

AprilParenting Mini Classes
. . . Strive together to love and serve our children
Financial planning/Healthy Activity ideas/Literacy mini classes

MayService Auction (2nd annual)  
 . . . make sincere effort to love and serve one another.
Invited Laurels
Established point system/claim certificates to bid on
Food signup and bidding sticks

 JuneStake RS Meeting
Scratched this months activity to support Stake Meeting

 JulyExercise Classes
. . . encourage each other to be healthy and strong in mind and body.
Aerobics class and yoga class
Each sister brought a healthy food to swap with someone else
Focus on bountiful baskets for healthy eating

AugustPop in our Marriage  
. . . focus support each others efforts to build sweet forever relationships with our husbands.
Collected date ideas ahead of time and that night, complied and passed out to all sisters
Asked the men to write down things about their wives match game idea the night of activity
For sisters who were single or husbands didnt fill out, they got a quote about marriage and asked for insight
Sign up for pop desserts

SeptemberMissionary Work
. . . work together to spread the gospel and support our missionaries
Passed up 101 ways to support missionary work & BOM to every sister on Sunday and ahead of time
Asked Elders to give a thought/testimony and encouraged sisters to pass out a BOM
Had missionary name tags for every sister
Wrote encouraged notes thumb body loves you to our ward elders
Nice message from Ensign from Melissa Ogden

 OctoberCraft Night
 . . . teach each other important things that we know.
Royal nightprincess craft for each station: fall wreaths, growth charts, family tiles
Pumpkin pie and apple crisp

NovemberService Tea Party
 . . . reach out and serve in our communities.
Tea party theme, with hygiene kits and guest speaker and author Debbie Potts 

DecemberProgressive Dinner 
 . . . celebrate together the birth and life of our Savior.
Sisters rotated through houses to enjoy a snack and a Christmas message in Lakewood Village

**Note that most of these activities are posted on our blog. Each month has an invitation posting, and a recap posting. Just search for a date or keyword of the activity you want and it should pop up! Sorry they aren't hyperlinked to make your life easier.