Sunday, September 16, 2012

General RS Broadcast

Missionary Night

Thanks to all who supported our missionary night!

For those who didn't get to come, here's a quick recap....

First, we each got a black name tag to wear so we really felt like a missionary.

Then, we had a great message from our Elders about the importance of sharing the gospel.

They also shared their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how it can be a powerful tool for missionary work.

We all got our own copy of the Book of Mormon to write our testimonies in. 

They challenged us to carry it with us, or ponder on some names of who we could share it with.

Next Sister Ogden shared with us some practical ways we can share the gospel.

She used the article, "Sharing the Gospel, by Sharing YOU!

She's an awesome example of how to be an outgoing person and how to share what you love! 

The rest of the night we talked about practical ways we can be converted ourselves, so we are stronger.
We also took a minute to write notes to the Elders that are out serving from our ward.

We wanted them to know that "Thumb-body loves them"

Along with our note, we each made a thumb print. 

 We had a great time visiting, as always...

...and enjoying healthy refreshments. 

and some not so healthy, but AMAZING cake! 

 Thanks again for a fun weekday meeting! 

Elder Holland CES Devotional

For those looking for an uplifting message that is perfectly tailored to our time, check out Elder Holland's recent CES Fireside address.

Live stream here. 

Or for more information visit: