Thursday, January 9, 2014

RS Meeting Recap--January Provident Living

We had such a great time at our provident living meeting tonight!

More than 20 people showed up and were not disappointed.

We all walked away with new goals, helpful tips, and lots of papers!!

Special thanks to our Provident Living Specialist, Kristen for making it happen!

We rotated through three mini classes, and topics covered short-term storage, long-term storage/canning, and water storage.

Inkey shared her powerful testimony about preparedness. 

It was interesting that only 6% of members have a year supply!! We had to do better than that!

Melissa gave an amazing demonstration about canning and mylar bags. She made it look SO easy and explained what we need. All of our resources are at our fingertips. Sealer is in the library, canning machine free to rent, and bags and cans through our distribution center!

I know everyone was impressed with her wealth of knowledge.

Anxious ears!
Last class taught by Kristen was on water storage...perhaps the most important!

You can go 2 weeks without food, but only 3 days without  water!!

She taught about containers, storage, and how to purify in an emergency.

Can't forget about all the yummy food!!

Can you believe that most of it was prepared with food storage items?

They even shared the recipes for all to use in the future.


And an impromptu pancake making demonstration!

Simply amazing!

Thanks to all!

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