Saturday, July 20, 2013

Keeping it Simple, RS Thank You Brunch!

A SIMPLY mint Altoid SMALLS for each of our lovely sisters.

Gretchen went around and said wonderful things about each individual sister there.

We ate muffins and kiesh that were delish! 

Sister Franks and her daughter, Courtney.

Sister Gillespie and Sister Butler.

Sister Bullat and Sister Cope.

Sister Widmann and Sister Vann.

Sister McAllister and Sister Toller. 

Sister Ebert and Sister Gibson.

Sister Foster and Sister McKinley.

Little Lucy joined the fun.

A nice chance to visit.

Lucy even posed! 

Beautiful carnations

And juice, and fun! 

For those who enjoyed Jody's muffins as much as I did, here's her recipe! 

Thanks for coming sisters! 

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