Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Loving Memory of Sweet Sister Rosemary

 Rosemary Cummings
April 3, 1954--September 12, 2014

Sweet Sister Rosemary passed on Thursday morning after a long struggle with the failings of a frail mortal body. She was always kind and good-natured through her challenges. 
She will be missed.

Here are some pictures from her beautiful memorial, for those who were unable to attend. 

Beautiful remarks by Carl McKinley and Phil Ainslie, 
and "How Great Thou Art" sung by Kate McKinley. 

A sweet remembrance of her life, full of stories that made us smile. 

Many guests attended to show their support for the family.

Family luncheon.

Thank you to our generous sisters who provided the food for the luncheon.

We are mindful of you and hope you felt at peace today. 

We know that life continues beyond death, and are so grateful for our knowledge of 

We know we will see you again.

Until then, we love and miss you Rosemary! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Rosemary's granddaughter and I were looking at Facebook and we saw that someone had posted a link to this page. Emily saw Rosemary's picture and said "HONEY!" We were so excited to see her lovely picture. Thanks also for the delicious luncheon.