Friday, October 11, 2013

We ALL had fun FALLin' the yellow brick road -- Craft Night

We had a blast at our craft night RS meeting.

To kick off the night, we heard a message "Create" from President Uchtdorf

We provided the option of 4 crafts and had sisters sign up two weeks before the big night.

It was hard to choose, because they were all so cute!

Pumpkin Trio--tutorial here

Coffee Filter Wreath--tutorial here

Picture Frame--tutorial here

Magnet Board--tutorial here

So we had quite a few sisters sign up, and some even brought friends. It was fun to see so many visitors there!!

We were set up for success!

 It was nice to have all the supplies laid out so all they had to do was put the craft together!

 We provided a piggy bank for "donations" to off-set the costs of some of the crafts.

 We made picture frames...
 And pumpkins...
And of course had some "Ding Dongs" in honor of Dorthy and the famous "Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead" song...

Lots of happy crafters...

And lots of time to talk and visit

 And most everyone finished in time to take their new creation home!

Way to go sisters!!

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