Friday, September 13, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things

We had a great time at our favorite things exchange!

When they arrived, we had them write their name on slips of paper, and put them in the right jars, for their chance to be drawn.

There was a category for early years, middle years, and later years of FHE, where they could win "FHE in a jar," a night all ready to go!

Then, of course, they wrote their name down TWICE for the exchange.

And then everyone entered their name in for a chance to win the FHE grand prize!

We had a great time going around in the circle and each person taking a minute to talk about their favorite FHE memory, activity, or way to make it work!

Some fun FHE ideas were:
  • Family talent show
  • FHE is in the bag!
  • Animal sounds game
  • Peter, James, and John circle game
  • Iron Rod throughout the house with string
  • Short and sweet, 5 mins or less
  • Using the nursery manual and coloring activities
  • Articles of Faith with images for memorization
  • Taking turns being "in charge" 
  • Having a "child of the week"
  • Watching a movie together
  • Having a picnic on the floor
  • Using the Gospel Art Book for a lesson
  • Using the Church FHE Charts
  • Stand in the Light lesson with flash lights
  • Having a testimony meeting, or a chance to bear testimonies
  • Simply holding one is a SUCCESS!

Next, they introduced their favorite thing, explained why, and drew the two lucky winners!

We had some fun "favorite things"
  • Lots of chocolate
  • Nail polish
  • Cute items from the dollar bin at Michaels
  • Hand sewn scarves
  • White cheddar popcorn
  • Melano cookies 
  • Roses 
  • Fudge
  • Nutrition bars/drinks
  • Soda
  • Our Best Bites cookies/reciepe
  • Handmade soft baby blankets
  • Freezer jam
  • Movies
  • and more!!!

We had lovely desserts to enjoy

We also had a handout for them to take home, a list of FHE ideas to make FHE one of their new favorite things!

Lots of happy faces!
And time to chat!

We had brown paper packages tied up with strings, with a treat for each sister to take home.

Thanks for joining us! See you next month!!


  1. Just curious on how you did the exchange of favorite things. Did the sisters get to pick where they wanted their names to be placed of the favorite things? Or did everyone get to put their names in each favorite thing? Also if the sisters brought FHE ideas did they bring copies to share? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am our RS meeting coordinator and I am trying to plan some new things for our sisters.

  2. I too was wondering how the exchange took place. Like White Elephant?

  3. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for finding us!

    When the sisters arrived, we had them write down their name twice into one jar.

    Then we went around the circle and each sister took a turn.

    A sister explained her favorite thing, and drew two names at random who would receive her "favorite thing" and take it home.

    Then it was the next sister's turn to talk, and draw two names.

    The sisters just told about their favorite FHE idea as they had a turn, explaining their item. The talk of FHE was casual, as each sister explained her item, talked about her family, and shared her FHE tip.

    The FHE idea copies were provided by us, the RS, as a reference or helpful handout. I can email it to you if interested.

    You may have been confused by our "category" jars...These were separate from the exchange and was for our big "giveaways." We had 3 sisters prepare a FHE for a family, but realized that not all FHE's would fit the same family. That's why we did a younger, middle, and older, categories for the giveaway. Looking back, I wouldn't have planned this part as it confused people where to write their names. Just fyi.

  4. THank you!! We're planning on doing this activity in a few months :) I would love to have a copy of your printout. heather738(@)gmail(dot)com

  5. Hi Heather, I sent the PDF of FHE ideas your way.

  6. I loved this idea! I'm planning to do a similar one for one of our activities. I would like to use your handout for FHE ideas that you gave to the sisters my email is Thanks so much!

  7. love this! please send me your FHE ideas handout? Thanks!!!

  8. Can you email me your FHE ideas handout as well please?

  9. please email me your FHE ideas handout. Thanks.

  10. Can I also get a copy of your FHE ideas to thank you

  11. Sorry if you get this twice. I'm in CO and we would love to use your flier for a "Favorite Things" activity. If you are willing to share, we would be grateful!

  12. Love your ideas for this activity. Could I get a copy of your FHE ideas. We want to do a similar activity next month. Thank you so much.

  13. If you still check this, I would love a copy of your FHE ideas. jessicastucki @ rocketmail . com

    Thank you so much for this great idea!

  14. I would love a copy of your handout if you still have it at Thanks!