Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marriage Activity Recap: Lots of POP!

Our August Relief Society meeting was a lot of fun.

 Each sister got a turn in the "pop quiz" hot seat and was asked to answer five questions. She would try to match what her husband said about the following:
Best feature, best quality, an example of sacrifice, dream vacation and a reason that you fell and love and got married.

It was so funny to hear what some husbands wrote. Each sister tried to match and if they were wrong, they had to eat a piece of bubble gum. :-) 

Here is the full list of the men's responses. For sisters who are curious what their spouse said and didn't get to come, you can find your name to see what your husband wrote. 

(Sorry it is difficult to read. You can click on the image to make it bigger. Or, if you need it even larger, hold down the ctrl button on your computer and press the + key to zoom in. To zoom back out, press ctrl and -) 

For the husbands that didn't get a chance to fill out the form, a sister was able to read a quote from a general authority and share with us her personal insights. 

It was a fun night for all, filled with lots of POP snacks to remind us to put some POP in our marriage! 

Bubble gum and tootsie pops!

Yummy caramel popcorn!

Everyone's favorite picture with their husband.

Date ideas to share with all

Fun visiting


Even the babies loved it. :-) 

One heart, one soul!

The hot seat! Live, laugh, love!

Here is a collection of fun date ideas for those who are interested: 

Thanks to all those who contributed!

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  1. What a fun idea! What did you do for the single sisters and the widows though?