Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second Annual Service Auction in May

Our 2nd Annual Sister Service Auction will happen on Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 at the church. All sisters ages 12 and older are invited to attend. This is such a great opportunity to get to know one another better as we play together and serve one another in many unique ways. It may also help our young women transition into RS in a few years if they are aware that WE HAVE FUN... sometimes!! (Why do they assume that RS is boring?)

Here's how it works: next week we will again hand out certificates and ask you to fill out at least one certificate for the auction. You may also email the description of your service item to this email address and we will fill out a certificate for you. These certificates will list a service that you are willing to perform for another sister in the ward sometime during the coming year. Despite what you may believe, the possibilities for you to perform a valuable service are endless! Here are a few examples of items from last year that were auctioned: dinners prepared for a family, the oil changed in a car, hand crafts, baked yummies, babysitting hours, lunch out with a friend, help with genealogy, massages. . . what else? As you can see, everybody has something they can offer. 

The currency we use at the auction is points. Everyone who attends the auction will fill out a survey when they get to the auction. They answers to the survey questions will earn you a certain number of points. Don't worry--everyone will have plenty of points to spend! The auctioneer will describe an auction item and let the bidding begin! It is a fun time and the services rendered over the next several months provide opportunities for sisters to get to know and love each other better. Please join us!

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