Friday, September 23, 2011

September Service Auction

Thanks to all who participated at our Service Auction!

We had a great time!

Take a look at some fun things the sisters donated!

Sister Gleason--How to make an apron and a loaf of whole wheat bread
Sister Fullenwider--How to jar chicken
Sister Dewey--Six 1-hour sessions for Spanish tutoring
Sister Moore--ASL session with your whole family
Sister Tatum--Canning
Sister Hammell--Family history consulting to help you achieve your goal
Sister Bluth--Frilly handmade scarf
Sister Young--A fun, full FHE lesson for your family
Sister Anderson--Homemade burp cloths for babies
Sister Burgumey--Homemade Christmas stocking
Sister Mann--Homemade burp cloths for babies
Sister Drake--Free meal, homemade bread/jelly
Sister Lenord--Mexican dinner
Sister Mendoza--Homemade lasagna dinner
Sister Martinez--Homemade Arabic dinner
Sister Kelly--Baked goods and bread
Sister Mason--Cici's Pizza for your family
Sister Kitterman--Homemade chicken pot pie
Sister Foster--Lunch date with her at a restaurant
Sister McKinley--Browsing Antique shops with her
Sister Vann--Lunch date and healthy menu choices
Sister Bullet--Volunteer time to play games, etc.
Sister Frost--Babysitting for date night out
Sister McKinley--Babysitting
Sister Heidenreich--Organizing and cleaning help
Sister Taylor--Video slideshow of your family pictures
Sister Drake--3 hours of cleaning, babysitting, weeding, oil change, etc.
Sister Carter--Party planning help
Sister McHorse--Room decorating help
Sister Klepacz--1-hour massages, babysitting for temple trips

Wow!! What talent we have in our ward!

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