Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Relief Society Spotlight: Jen Kitterman

Originally from Utah where Ryan's uncle (also Jen's home ward Bishop) set the two of them up, Ryan, Jen and Lily Kitterman came to us here in Temple from Northern California. Two of their greatest accomplishments happened in California: Ryan completing medical school and Jen giving birth to their daughter Lily, who is now 2. Jen mentions on a side note that... well, at least it's one of her most painful accomplishments! Ryan is currently working at Scott & White as a Podiatry resident.

Since Jen would love to retire to someplace warm with a swimming pool, they've most likely come to the right place! When asked what was most memorable about her high school years, she said playing sports (softball, swimming and track) and meeting new friends.

When it comes to food, Jen loves just about anything she can get in her mouth, one of her favorites being Thai. That will come in handy when we bring them meals after the birth of their second baby in October. This time, they await a precious little boy.

When asked who she admires, she responded with, "There are too many people to mention, but we've been reading in Alma about Captain Moroni. I'm always amazed at his conviction and ability to choose the right in any situation."

If Jen was given a million dollars she would pay off student loans, save for retirement and buy a boat... not necessarily in that order.

Maybe someday we will all get to hear the 10 minute speech of her choice:

But, until then, please help us in welcoming Jen and the rest of the Kitterman family to our ward! It's great to have them!

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